Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 month appt.

No I didn't forget M's 9 month bday! We were just so busy playing that I forgot to post about it:) We had M's 9 month appt today. She's in the 75% for everything except weight. She gained a little over a lb in 3 months but she grew 2 inches and has a great head size. So the pedi isn't worried at all about the lack of weight gain due to M finding her wheels very early. As the Dr. was talking to us, Miss Thang mowed down a ton of veggie puff things. The pedi said she obviously has no problem with eating! I explained M's eating was 2nd only to her cruising. She loves to eat! Especially if I let her take it w/ her up the stairs.
Makenna has officially hit the limit of her infant carrier. 28 inches! No wonder some of her pants look like high waters!! We have an awesome Britax convertible seat that's permenantly in my vehicle so we're going to get another one for our daycare lady and Lance to share.

After M's appt, we went to the mall to have some lunch and buy her a bigger swimsuit. I think she'll be able to wear her current one (size 18 months) for another week or so but then it'll be too small. I can't believe I had to buy her an 18-24 months suit?!! It looked so huge!


Jen said...

9 months already? Jeez where did the time go???

Morgan Owens said...

Aww she is getting so big, they grow too fast! :(
Thanks for the pics...she is ~SO~ beautiful..I love her eyes! If you haven't got her a carseat yet I got an idea from Sam on a really good one that we bought Mason. It's called Evenflo Triumph Advanced convertible carseat. Since it's safer for them to be turned backwards it will allow you to do that until 50 lbs. and then when its time to face forward it turns around! It also has excellent safety reviews! :)