Monday, February 22, 2010

We're going swimming!

We signed M up for water babies at one of the local colleges. Our 1st class is tomorrow morning at 10am. I'm very excited about it. M loves swimming and water so I think she'll have a blast:)

I was scrapping all weekend long with the Good Time Girls! Stacy has pics on her facebook page of it (I'm tagged in a few). I'll try to get some pics of the pages I made but it might be this weekend since I did NOTHING school related and need to play catch up:)

M and I are home alone this weekend since Lance is going to the Vegas Nascar race. He's got box seats with a friend of ours...I think it will completely ruin him for sitting in the nosebleed section ever again.

I'm riding Faith in a western pleasure class tomorrow for a judging class. It will be fun to have a more serious practice session. It's a busy week and I'm beat (and slightly crabby!!) so I'm going to grab my newest scrapbook magazine and go to bed.


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Morgan Owens said...

Mason loves anything to do with water too...even if its just the bathtub! He splashes and laughs and then throws a fit when we take him out lol! I think that's an awesome class to do!
So I was thinking..I only work part time and in the evenings I get so bored so I end up playing Farmville or stay on Facebook too long so I need to do something more productive with my scrapbooking! I have a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby near me so I can easilly get all the things! I was thinking of starting out with one of Mason's first year. Are there any scrapbooking magazines you recommend me subscribing to? Any tips/advice/ideas? My email is or you know how to find me on FB! Thanks! :)