Thursday, February 4, 2010

OMG Drama Queen!

Miss Thang just spent the last hour screaming, flailing and throwing herself on the floor. If this is how 8 months is, I don't even want to fit how the terrible 2's are going to be:/

Other than that, she's been very good. Sleeping better at night. Thanks to Gina, I tried the Hyland teething tablets and those seem to help her out. She's flying up the stairs, chasing and "hugging" the animals and just generally into everything! She said Mom twice but I'm not sure if it was real or not. The one time she was looking right at me and said Mom then a lot of baby garble which I can only assume was her saying "Mom, you are the bestest ever!" :)

We have my Gram's 90th birthday party this Saturday!! Yay Gram! It will be so much fun for her. Plus all that going on will wear M out! Yay for Nascar starting (I get fabulous naps during the races) and the Superbowl. I'm over half done with the quarter of teaching and things are rolling along quite nicely.

I'm very ready to wean Miss M but since she won't take a bottle and really has not much interest in a sippy, I guess I'm stuck. I'm just waiting until she gets better with the sippy or she turns 1 and can have cows milk not momma milk! That will be a big celebrating beer guzzling day for me!

Miss M turns 8 months on Saturday. I can't even believe it! I already scheduled her 1 year pictures with Rialee Photography, the same lady that did her newborn pics and I took the PhotographyMama class from. She books up so fast that you have to get in quick with her!

Well I'm going to enjoy a few moments of post-temper tantrum peace and quick before Miss Thang wakes up from her nap. ~slowly sipping my diet dew~~~~~~


Jen said...

Oh yeah...tantrums are so much fun. Just wait. There will be more. I think this is why they make babies and toddlers so cute, because there would be no other way to tolerate them :)

Anonymous said...

She's way ahead for her age. Seriously the things she's doing are more like 10-12 months of age. I bet she will be an early walker too.. Did you know some kids stay babies? I've heard of it, like they rock and cuddle and just sit on a blanket and coo... Seriously I've seen it before. :) M didn't get the memo!!!