Sunday, February 14, 2010

All I want to Valentine's Day

are my 2 (top) teeth!
First here is a nice picture of the bottom 2 that came in before Christmas.

I haven't gotten a pic of the top 2 yet because someone won't let me. Plus the right one is all the way through but just a little of it. The left one is over 1/2 through the gum so they really aren't picture worthy yet. That explains all the drool and chewing on anything that moves!

Here is just a cute pic of Miss Thang. Please excuse the fact that nothing is edited because I'm lazy and don't want to do that right now so I can get down to the command station (aka scraproom) to pack my stuff for the 3 day crop that I'm going to with the girls! I am SO excited to go!!

If any of you need to justify purchasing a boppy and someone just doesn't think it's worth the $30....well....

A. they are ABSOLUTELY insane and have never had a baby

B. here is another use for the boppy!

Laptop holder!
For all the long time friends that read this, you ~know~ how I feel about Valentine's Day from last year's ranting post. I've never liked it:/ It's odd because I have the most romantic, wonderful hubby. This year he brought home flowers and donuts!!! I'm a HUGE donut freak!! Man does he love me;) (and knows me well!!)
For all you V-Day lovers, happy day:)


Jen said...

I swear that little girl is the spitting image of your DH based on pictures! Who cares about photo editing. She is so cute that she doesn't need it. And Jillian has the exact same outfit. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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Birdee said...

Such cute pictures! She is just so cute =)
I use my boppy for the same thing (lol)