Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend review.

We went to my Gram's 90th birthday party on Saturday!! She's a spitfire! Her body is failing her but her mind and spirit are alive and kicking!! Miss Thang was quite a hit also as she made it her mission to entertain each and every person at the party! She was one tired baby when it was all said and done. Of course the fact that she went nap free pre-party didn't help. It was nice that she slept the whole way home (1.5 hrs). We weren't even out of town before she was out cold.

Gram & Makenna
M's 1st encounter w/ balloons! She loves them:)

My mom & Makenna snuggling.

The only picture of me from the day aside from the one that Lance took of my butt. No one wants to see that:/ I do have some rockin' shoes though;) Love them!!!!

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Jen said...

It looks like Mackenna was the start of the party! Especially with that rockin' tutu!