Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's still asleep!

2 nights in a row, Miss Thing has slept through the night! Now if the dumb dog would quit waking me up to go outside. Plus the "girls" are so full by 4am that they wake me up. I ignore them and try to go back to sleep but I finally have to get up to pump at 6am. For all you breastfeeding moms, what did you do to help the "girls" adjust to your baby finally sleeping through the night? Do they adjust? I want to enjoy my sleep to the fullest and longest and this is definitely not helping:/

We are currently under a winter weather advisory for later today and tomorrow. Apparently Mother Nature did not look at the calendar as it is FALL! NOT. WINTER. Oh is suppose to be 60 degrees this weekend so any snow that does come our way should melt. We're hoping to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

Well I'm done pumping and M is still sleeping so I'm crawling back into bed even if it's just for a few minutes:) Happy hump day!


Anonymous said...

Rock on for 2 nights in a row!!!!! I pumped too, I hated that painful full feeling. I bottle fed occasionally so it all worked out.

Shannon said...

Good job on the sleeping. If she's going to keep sleeping in than I would stop pumping. You will adjust to her sleep schedule. It will just take a few days. If you continue to pump at that time then you will need to continue to pump at that time every day.

We've been getting the snow down here too, but not as much as you. It seems as though we will completely miss fall this year.

Larissa said...

Your 'girls' will start to produce less at night and adjust to your little one's sleep schedule. Boobs are great like that.