Monday, October 12, 2009

October does NOT = Snow.

Someone apparently has failed to inform ND and MN of that little fact:/

It is snowing as I type. There is enough to cover the rooftops, cars and anything stationary. The roads are just wet as the ground temperature is still warm enough to melt the snow. It is WAY too soon to be starting this business.

Makenna had her 4 month appt on Friday. She did really well for her shots. Just a quick scream then I feed her and all was forgotten. She is growing like a weed!! Her pediatrician couldn't believe how big she is, especially height-wise! She grew almost 4 inches since her last appt. No wonder all her 3-6 month outfits are getting too short! M is doing great with all other development and actually quite a bit ahead but that is often a girl thing.

M is:
  • standing all the time (w/ us holding her steady).
  • rolling over constantly
  • sleeping on her side or belly (eventhough I roll her back to her back)
  • LOUD!! She's learned a whole new level of noise called screeching!
  • eating cereal & starting oatmeal this week.
  • needs to get back on her normal sleep schedule instead of being hungry all the time! I thought cereal would help that?
  • wants to be held ALL the time & screams when you put her down. I do try to explain to her how Mommy does not wear a diaper and needs to occasionally take care of business or shower! Sometimes she just has to scream.

I had my photography class this last weekend....It. Was. Awesome!! I learned so much!!I will be practicing on M all week:) Thank you Ria!!!


Jen said...

Well you could start wearing a diaper...


Morgan said...

Congrats on her doctor appointment going so well...they grow like a tumble weed huh?!
Mason doesn't like to be put down at all either, but then somedays he is so busy he doesn't want to be held at all and just wants to get into everything! They go through these different stages!
Mason started rolling over on his side and his belly early, and I also would go in there and quietly roll him back over on his back. FINALLY, I gave up and realized he is not a back sleeper at all and just let him be comfortable..he's a tummy sleeper like his mommy! :)
Glad you enjoyed your photography class, do we get to see your practice photos of M? :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried wearing her? They really have improved the comfort factor for both mom and baby with the new all fabric slings! I bet she'd love that and you could probably even get something done? Time to bring out the excer-saucer and let her play in there when you shower!