Monday, October 5, 2009

I ~big puffy heart~ cereal!!!

YES!!! More than 2 hours of sleep in a row! YAY! Miss Thang is not overly impressed with cereal by the spoon. Her facial expressions are hilarious! BUT a little in the bottle is her new favorite right before bedtime. It's mine too! She's back to her normal sleeping schedule of waking up once at night to eat. She sleeps from 9pm to 7am with 1 wakeup to eat. I can definitely live with that! M is also rolling front to back and back to front with ease. She is also talking up a storm. It seems like all of a sudden we don't have a little baby anymore:/ I do already miss the "curl up on your chest into your neck" baby but this new semi-mobile, talking non-stop baby is pretty fun too! It's all in the different stages.
M is REALLY loving her daddy right now. She watches him constantly if he's in sight. It's very cute! I truly think it's all part of her master plan to get him wrapped around her little finger. Little does she know, but she already has;) We're still waiting to hear more of the laughing but I'm sure its in the near future.
I start teaching tomorrow and I'm totally excited for it! Especially if M is back on her regular schedule! I don't need a lot of sleep but some would be nice!
I'm also missing the horse show this weekend for my photography class. I'm really looking forward to my class but I'm also leading the points in all of my classes with my horse after only going to 2 shows (missing 2) so I know if I would have gone to this show, I'd win the year end awards but since I'm going to miss this show then I probably won't be able to retain my lead. If only I wasn't so dang competitive! Or good;) ha ha ha!


Jen said...

Taking a photography class is definitely one of those things on my list. I just need a little more time in the day (don't we all!)

Anonymous said...

cereal RULES! We did that too! Ohh photography mama class this weekend!? Let me know if you need me to watch M for a couple hours so you can get something done..