Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello? Hello?

Is this thing on??

What. a. week.

It has been the week of 1st-s around the Haugen household. Wow. Not only has someone been on a complete sleep/nap strike but she's decided to wow us with her new found abilities. Here's the list:

  • M rolled over 3 times

  • is blowing raspberries and bubbles (which includes drooling ALL over!)

  • laughed for the 1st time (she was looking at herself in the mirror and thought she was absolutely hilarious! It was so cute!!)

  • vocabulary explosion...I guess sound expolsion is more accurate but MAN can this girl talk!

  • has given up sleeping through the nite ...due to what I can only imagine is the fact that she loves her mommy SO much that going for more than 2 hrs without seeing my face is PAINFUL to her. ~sigh~ Mommy needs more than 2 hours of sleep in a row, you little crap! How can you be ~too~ upset when you lean over the crib and Miss Thing is SO excited and happy to see you...smiling like mad:/

  • sitting and playing in the high chair. She's really into chewing on the tray. It apparently it much tastier than the chew toys directly in front of her. ? .

  • started cereal today in hopes that I won't have to feed her 6-8 times in a 6 hour period and I'll get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. We can only hope!! "The Girls" perform wonderfully so its not lack of food but this kid is hungry ALL the time. It just doesn't seem to satisfy her anymore. I gave her very diluted cereal in breastmilk with a spoon and she gobbled it up. I also gave her a little cereal in her "right before bedtime" bottle in hopes that she'll be full. She seems to sleep longer when we give her a bottle instead of direct from the "source". Why is that?? It's the same stuff just different delivery method. Weird.

I think that is it for Miss Thing's week. It's been a wild one. I start teaching on Tuesday so I'm hoping that M's sleep schedule gets back on track otherwise I'm going to be a crappy teacher. I'm all prepared for my classes this week so now I just need to keep ahead of all the planning and preparing. It's nice to have all the ready!

M's 4 month appt is on Friday...more shots. Ick! We were planning on holding off on cereal until after that appt but we were at the end of our rope. Hopefully the doctor will agree with our decision and guide us from there. I cannot believe we are already at that stage. Yikes!

I have my photography class this Friday and Sat. I'm really looking forward to it! I adore the photographer that's hosting the class so I'm sure I will learn a ton. We're also hoping to hit the pumpkin patch sometime as today's trip was rained out.

A BIG Congrats to D & D S. on the birth of their baby girl!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

I leave you with Miss Thang....


Birdee said...

Wow, it's amazind how fast they change and just start doing something new. I swear baby b was a Full time sleeping newborn one day and staying awake longer, cooing, following objects with his eyes, and found his fingers the next.
I can just imagine how cute M must be doing all those firsts.
I love that pic, she is so pretty and has the sweetest cute little face.

Morgan said...

Congrats on all the new milestones! She is growing like a tumble weed! I think Mason was about 4 months when we started him on cereal, he didn't like is that much because it tastes so bland but he got used to it! Unfortunately, it didn't change his sleeping habits but usually around 6 months is when they start sleeping alot hang in there momma!
I can't wait to hear about how your first day of teaching goes..goodluck!
I know you are breast feeding but Enfamil came out with this new formula called Restfull..and it digests slower and keeps them fuller longer at night..therefore they sleep longer and better. Maybe ask your Pedi about if she could have 1 bottle of it before bed and what his opinion is on it! Goodluck at her appt! Can't wait to hear about it! Well, minus the crying from the shots part! :(