Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What an amazing time we had at Scrapfest! I did some SERIOUS shopping. Just scrap shopping except for the Ikea run and sneaking into Sephora with Marie.

I went to Scrapfest with my normal usual scrapping buddies. We all have such a great time. There is Anne, who is our moral spending nazi! She is very frugal and does not like to spend money. She tries to keep Marie and I in check and we try to corrupt her;) Anne has had a successful shopping trip if she hasn't spent anything. Stacy and Sarah are usually right in the middle of spending/shopping...they almost always buy but hardly ever a ton of stuff. Then there's Marie and I.....lol....thank GOD for Marie or I would always be the one who brings the most stuff, spends the most, ect. Marie and I like to spread all our loot out and take pics of it. Marie's pile was huge... although some of her stuff was from her classes and since it was her birthday, she also scored a bunch of free stuff. 
Here's Marie's loot (I swiped the pic from FB). Look at all that great stuff!!! Now, this comes with a disclaimer that literally had my LMAO!!!

 Disclaimer** Stop crapping yourself Steve Ackerman, I paid full price for VERY little of this stuff (like extremely little - it was amazing!) and a nice portion was actually free stuff/prizes/class extras.

Ha Ha Ha! Apparently Steve (who is Anne like) was not so impressed with Marie's loot. Now the good friend that I am, I too took a picture of my loot. (please excuse the horrible photos as it was 9pm)
 Momma, where did all this stuff come from?? Did you buy me some bling?
Now you obviously can't even tell what I bought because the picture is so crappy but there is A LOT of it there! This made Steve feel so much better that he isn't married to ME!! LOL  Lance just shook his head:) In my defense, its been a LONG time since I've done this kinda damage. It was bound to happen cuz I'm finally not pregnant/anti-shopping. I also took 5 classes at Scrapfest and won prizes in 2 of them so that is about 1/4 of the stuff. Maybe even 1/3. When I was packing my stuff up to big downstairs to the command center, I found my bag from Crafts Direct Clearance center...oops! There's even more than what is pictured! Ha:) So add 3 more QK dies and about 10 more pieces of pp.

It was a great weekend! Now, I have a week filled with trying to get the house and everything else ready for Jax's baptism this weekend. Oh and the scrap garage sale on Saturday. I rented a table again so I need to get all my stuff priced and ready to go. Hope I sell a lot so I can buy some new lines at Scrap Pink the 2nd weekend in Oct.
~Really who am I kidding though?? I'm buying those lines whether I sell anything or not;) lol~

Happy Tuesday!

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Stacy said...

You two sure did score great! Love it! I will have to show Shane this when he thinks I am bad. I just made up for it with my new shoes and not scrap stuff.