Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 years ago....

today was the worst day of my life with the loss of our beloved Lily Ann Hope.

2 years ago, we were celebrating our beautiful baby girl, Makenna's, 1 month birthday. The loss of Lily was still pretty fresh but it certainly helped to have her beautiful baby sister in our arms to love and smooch on.

1 year ago, we were chasing around a crazy 1 yr old contemplating another baby. Lily's birthday came with memories of gratitude for the chance we were given to know her. Not as much pain/sorrow.

Today, we are still chasing that crazy girl, now a 2 yo + smooching on her chubby cheeked little brother who will be 1 month old tomorrow. Oh how time heals. Each year it gets easier and easier. My mom and I planted a flower (perennial) in Lily's garden today. We do that every year in her memory. She has a gorgeous garden! The lilies are overtaking the place! I will post pics once all the lilies are in bloom.

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Gina said...

Hugs for you all !