Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tornadoes, Hail, Oh my!

I'm sitting/laying on the couch with my bum leg elevated because after a day at work my leg is killing me. Anyway, we are under major storm warnings and even saw a funnel cloud! Lance and I are watch from your biggest window type people not the run to your basement at the first hint of rain. We love storms! Nothing better to sleep and relax to then rain, thunder and lightening. Now the tornadoes and hail I can do without:)

Lance is giving M a bath and I am enjoying relaxing. If only the throbbing pain below my knee would stop:/ I actually kind of feel bad for having to ask/boss Lance around to help me/ get me things. Shocking...I know!! I don't like asking for help for any reason so that is hard for me. He being really good about it though. M and I are on our own tomorrow and Thursday since Lance needs to tend to some emergency calls. We'll be good though. My mom is going to help me after she's done with work tomorrow. If the weather is decent the we are going to sit by the lake and watch M play while eating Zorbaz pizza. Yummy!!!

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