Monday, July 26, 2010

Right Now.

Right Now...

listening: to Evening News (weather)

eating: nothing:(

drinking: flavored water but wanting a diet dew!!

wearing: black tank top, blue mesh shorts & fuschia flipflops

feeling: happy, blessed, slightly tired

weather: freaking hot

wanting: to scrap

needing: nothing really

thinking: about loading the horse trailer for the horse show this weekend

enjoying: Lance & Makenna, Renee's for supper & a S'more cookie or 7 for dessert!!!

wondering: when I'm going to lose those extra 15 lbs that won't quit following me around? :/


Anonymous said...

whatever dude you don't have 15 to lose.. .mmm renes and cookies!

Spike said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you its FABULOUS! I am a little jealous after taking a peak at your scrap room photos (oh how I long to have a room for just my arts & crafts!)I am excited to look through your blog and see what other exciting things are going on here.

I just started my own blog stop by and check it out sometime!