Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few pictures

from the 1st day of "A Week in the Life of the Haugens".

I'm doing this scrapping project started by Ali Edwards. She has everyone doing it this week. I started last Sunday since I wanted to get 1 day of my horse show in there.

Someone got a hold of Mommy's chocolate chip cookie! See the chocolate smudge on the side of her mouth?? Stinker!! Now Mommy has to watch out for Daddy and Miss Thang!

Love that cute lopsided grin with the wrinkled nose!!

Again with the cute wrinkle nose and devilish expression!!! Plus the cute buddha belly!
M's... not mine:/

I'm off to a scrapping this weekend with Ember. I'm hoping to get lots done. I don't care if the lots is talking or eating or scrapping! I'm just going to do a lot of everything! Please let it rain so I don't have to feel guilty about sitting inside instead of enjoying the lovely weather outside!