Sunday, April 18, 2010

Down right neglectful.

That is exactly what I am to my blog. I've been gone at a 4 day horse show (loving EVERY minute of it!!!)...the 1st one of the year for me. So between trying to get my teaching in and getting ready for the show, I've been busy and tired. Right now, I'm just tired and very sore. My knees are killing me for some reason. I know its horse related but I think it's due to being on the cement for 4.5 days straight. Either way I'm going to rub ben-gay all over them and go to bed just as soon as Lance is done giving M her bath, I'll feed her then bedtime for all!! Things should slow down slightly this week eventhough I have a work conference M-W, M's swimming on Tues, a scrapbook project by Ali Edwards I'm trying this whole week, a 3 day scrapping this weekend, 1st bday party invites to send out (they are already made), animals going to the vet and groomers, house to clean, hubby gone for the week.....nevermind.....things will have to slow down next week;)

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Jen said...

All I can say is Phew!!! Sounds busy.