Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Lance and I have been decorating the outside of the house for Halloween. It's one of our favorite holidays! We have fog machines and tombstones, things that scream at you when you walk by, an ogre...all sorts of fun things! We do make sure to put all the scary things a little higher as not to freak out the little kids:) I'll take pics to show you...

I'm off to start my cooking and baking for the big Halloween party on Saturday. Plus we need to finish the bathroom remodel and I need to put all my horse stuff away that's littering the basement as I finally got the trailer all unloaded for winter. It's always nice to go through everything, clean it and put it away for next spring! Can't wait! Although I'm going to have to wait for the riding part as I'll be huge by show season next year but I do plan on doing the halter and showmanship. I just need to find an outfit that will fit my expanding waist line! Elastic here I come;)

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