Monday, August 11, 2008

Glorious rainy day!

It's raining cats and dogs here...and I love it! Except while Teddy, Lance and I walked to the post office to get the business mail and got caught in a downpour about 6 blocks away from home. Sprinting and I don't get along so much!! I'm much more of a jogger than actually runner. Aside from that, there is nothing better than spending a day at home when it's raining. I find the thunder to be comforting in an odd way. I'm also one of those people that stands in front of our 2-story bay window watching the lightning and rain as Lance is yelling at me to get away from the window while he's huddled in the basement with the animals! I've always loved storms!
I've got a bunch of pictures to show but alas they are still on my camera and I'm elbow deep in my to-do list. I'll add those tomorrow or tonight. I'll give you an update on the knitting (along with pictures) and how my first lesson yet. Thank God for that lesson! EEK!
My new blog picture is just one that I found online and loved. I love the bench and all the fall colors! We are having Lily's bench made by a local artist. He does fabulous custom mosaic tile. It won't be done until later this fall or winter, when things slow down for him. It's still high tourist season in the lakes country of MN!
I scheduled my 6 week post-partum appt with my OB but he's so busy that it will be more of a 10 week pp appt. Which is fine by me, so when he asks if we've had "relations" it won't be ~so~ against his rules! oops!! tee hee! I've actually been having a recurring dream that I'm waiting in the office and when my doc walks in, he looks at me and says "You look pregnant." (and not in a "your still fat" way either...a good way!) Wound't that be nice?! I think it's all wishful thinking!
A girl can hope, can't she?!!


Jewels said...

Hi Kelly,
I see nothing wrong with good news at a 10 week post check up. I'm having a hard time wanting to wait my 1 cycle (ugh) so hopefully these next few weeks go by fast for me..

I nominated you for the Pink Rose Award, see my blog.

Jen said...

I really love the new pic for the header!