Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy week...

OK, I know I said I would update/post pics earlier but it's been a crazy week! So here are some pictures for you!!

I took pictures of my new scraproom (they are on the side bar) as I moved downstairs to make room for Lily/the nursery. We painted and moved everything early on in the pregnancy so my old scraproom (which is next to our bedroom) is sitting empty waiting for our second baby. I thought it would be hard to see the empty nursery every time I walk to our room but it's not. I know it will be filled soon. I can feel it in my heart.

The following is a picture of my first attempt at knitting a scarf (this is self-taught!):

If you look close (or not so close!), you can see that the scarf is getting wider as it gets longer! WTH?? You can also see a couple of larger holes and some added rows halfway through the scarf! EEK!!

The next pictures are after 1 -1hr lesson! What a difference!! I'm adding the fringe on the scarf today and moving on to the next project. Another scarf but one with a pattern and design!

The color didn't show up very well in these. The scarf is blue, green, purple & fuchsia. It's very pretty!

I also wanted to thank Jewels for nominating me for the Pink Rose Award.

Jewels and I unfortunately have some very close similarities in that we both just lost our baby girls. Jewels lost her sweet Angel Rose a couple of weeks after we lost Lily. My heart has ached for her as I know ~exactly~ what she was going through and all the pain and heartache she was feeling. I feel like we are bonded sisters now.

It is a beautiful day today! The sun in shining and I am happily huddled in my scraproom watching football and the oly.mpics while working on my BF's bachelorette invites. I have to get them done this weekend as Lance and I are off on another work trip this week. Must.get.them.mailed!!!


Jen said...

I love the scrap room. You've got some great storage ideas with hanging items on the wall with clips! It looks like your pets really like it there too.

The scarves are looking good. When you first learn to knit, you're gauge isn't very consistent yet, so that's why the one is narrower at the beginning and wider later. Obviously, as shown by the second scarf, that goes away as you get more experience.

Maria said...

Kelly, I am classmate of Lance's and found your blog after hearing about your precious Lily. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since. I wish you the best of luck in the TTC games with quick success!

noswimmers said...

Great job with the knitting! I tried it once and was AWFUL.

So jealous of the scrap room--you're so organized!