Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend update and other ramblings!

This weekend was lovely. Lovely, you say?! Yes, lovely! My mom and her bff Renie stayed with us as they had a horse show in FF (just 25 miles away). I went to the show with them on Saturday to yell at them help them out. They have both improved so much since last year. Both them and their horses. My mom won her showmanship class and Renie got 3rd. YAY for them! They both had a really good show.
While we were frolicking amongst the horses, Lance and his parents moved the day bed and trundle out of the basement (it was in my soon-to-be scrap room) and moved some of my scrapbook room furniture downstairs. Love them!!! What a nice surprise to come home too! They all believe there is NO POSSIBLE way I'll fit all my scrap stuff in a room half the size of my previous room aka the nursery. I scoff that this and say "Where there's a will, there's a way!". No problem!! Lance's mom was nice enough to agree to taking the day bed for one of their spare rooms. That works great for us as it's a really nice day bed with brand new mattresses so we didn't want to just chuck it.
Sunday was spent with me making Grandma's pancakes and sausage for breakfast, some paper reading and yard work. It was really nice outside so none of the yard work was minded...by me at least. My partner in crime seemed less than enthused to be mowing but I found out if I nag enough, especially in a nasally voice, he caves faster! YAY!!!
The baby blob is still growing like a weed as I can tell from my ever expanding mid line. I'm still in my regular pants but I doubt it will be for much longer. Bring on the fat pants with elastic and all!!!

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Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I just have to say that I adore elastic waistbands. Why anybody would want to wear regular jeans is beyond me.