Sunday, August 12, 2012

I tried it...

it didn't work! I hate being tied down or confined so the new blog  and its format just didn't work for me. I tried Fargo Forum/Area Voices but you have too many restrictions on the way you want your contributors to have their blog. It didn't even look personalized:/

So... I'm back right here and now:) YAY!! I'm going to get back to blogging and I mentioned a give away to get things back on track the right way! My goal will be to blog 4-5 days per week...if I attain that goal this week then I will be giving a 2Peas in a bucket gift card away.

So to get things back on track, let me start off with a recap.... in photos:

Cutest Mr. Man turned 1!!
Miss Thang turned 3!
 Hi! My name is Kelly and I'm a Pinterest addict! BIG TIME!!! lol 
I also love baking and making dessert tables:) I must say this is my best party EVER!

 I add some serious fog build up on my camera UV lens so I took it off and cleaned it. I like this picture anyway though:)
 Always the diva!! I made the shirt and had a heck of a time keeping her in her overalls and out of the zebra fleece pj pants:/

M & J with M's favorite peeps (minus Uncle)...Madi and Jaye:)

 I will keep giving you updates as to what has been going on here....I'm running (who in the hell would have thought that?!!), not riding or scrapping nearly as much as I'd like too, working too much but really enjoying the summer with the kiddos.

Until tomorrow.... :)

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