Monday, October 31, 2011

Cows & tigers & unicorns, Oh my!

Happy Halloween everyone! There will be pictures to come after 1 & 2 get up from their naps and we head out on our 1st trick or treating experience. It's going to be a brief one since the wind has quite the bite to it and I don't want to freeze my herd;)

It's been a long few weeks here. Lance was gone for 2 weeks and Jax is teething + got his 1st cold which = not sleeping. Plus I was asked to teach another class at work with 37 students in it. I'm going to be grading until I'm blue in the face and then some! Oh well:) I love fall. I love Halloween. I love pumpkin. Now if I could just get some of that lovely sleep then I'll be good;)

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