Friday, March 25, 2011

I just took a poll

on 2Ps (in a bucket) that asked:

Do you REALLY like yourself?

My instant thought was "Hell ya! I'm fabulous! Who wouldn't?"

Then I laughed and thought "ego much?". Ha ha ha!

Then I really thought, man would it be sad if you didn't like yourself:/ I've never had that problem (thoses that know me in real life are shaking their head in agreement..."yes she's never had THAT problem!! For sure). But what an awful thing to feel I would think.

So if anyone has had or is having that problem right now, know that you are fabulous! Maybe not in EVERY way possible but no one is. I admit my thighs need to be smaller + I may have a slight spending problem when it comes to scrap supplies, horses and M's clothes (oh shoes too!) + I maybe should be nicer to my hubby on occasion but inspite of my few (very FEW, Lee!!) flaws, I'm still just as fabulous as ever even though I'm WAY more round!!  lol :)

Have a great weekend!

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Morgan Owens said...

I have to admit there have been times I didn't like myself...but now that I'm older and a mom I feel like such a better person. I live through my son..being his mom is so rewarding!
I'm glad you like YOU..'cause I do too! :)