Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions!!

I will take a look for a local message board and/or check out the twin cities one as that's not too far away. Not that I need to be close to the people I talk to, but locals have insight on kids stuff happening in the area too which would be very nice.

Onto the next question... for those of you that have had several babies, have you had more pain/stretching/pulling/ with each pregnancy? I had some ligament pain with Makenna but nothing like this. I'm in some sort of abdominal pain about 25-50% of every day. Is that normal? Or am I defective;) I'm finally not feeling like crap (except for the pain) and super duper tired so I'm hoping this pain thing will go away too.

This is my finals week at school!! Have I told you how much I LOVE finals week as a teacher?!! Its great! I'm off to Dallas Wed-Fri for an AQHA meeting then rushing home to be at graduation for my first students Friday night @ 6pm. Then I will be laying on the couch relaxing for most of Saturday if I can get Makenna, Lance & Pain in the Front baby to cooperate;)

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Shannon said...

Sorry, I can't help you with the ligament pain thing. Honestly I can't remember! :)

I do remember that both of my pregnancies were different in their own ways, but I never had too much ligament/stretching pain. I hope the pain starts to get better though!