Monday, November 8, 2010

The Details!

or at least most of them;)

So we decided to start trying a couple of months ago...well actually its more than a couple since I'm a couple months preggo already. Anyway... I have been showing my horse like crazy so we thought we would casually try until after I'm done showing then really get to it. So I'm out in OH for the second time (the middle to end of October)....

Lance: have you gotten anything yet?

me: are you sending me something?

Lance: No. Your period.

me:  Um. Ya I'm sure I have.

Lance: this month?

me: Um.....

Lance: I don't think you have.

me: Um.... I did sometime. Right before the horse show.

Lance: You mean in Sept.

me: Oh, ya. That's the last one I remember.

Lance: I think you're pregnant.

me: Um.... no.

So the next morning I grab an ice cold diet dew out of the fridge and head to the barn. I look at the dew and think, hmmm ick. Ah what the hell? That grabs my attention because diet dew is my life line. I must be preggo because that's the only time I can't stand diet dew. So off I go to Wally to get a pregnancy test. Being the lab preson that I am, I think well I better take it in the morning because then my urine is the most concentrated (again not thinking or realizing that I'm already 7 weeks preggo and it'll show + if I sneeze on it!) So the next morning I take the test and watch what I think is the control line turn super + as soon as the urine hits it. The control line turns + a little later. I'm thinking hmmm, where's the + sign? So I'm not pregnant? Weird. I look at the test a while longer than read the box. DUMB.
1 line - 
2 line +
So I laughed at myself and my inability to accurately read a pregnancy test and the rest is history! I have my first docter's appt next Tues for blood work, the exam and to see the little stinker. So if anyone has any extra healthy baby vibes you want to throw this way, I'll take them. I always dread u/s because of what happened with Lily. I don't think I'll ever get over that feeling:/


Jen said...

Ummm...can I just say that I'm sooooo excited for you guys!!! And that's pretty funny that Lance figured it out before you did.

Stacy said...

I just have to laugh at that, because Shane was the same way. He is always the one keeping track of the periods and not me. He always new I was preggos before I did. Of couse they are prolly trying to figure out the week that they aren't getting any. lol I am so happy for the three of ya.

Gina said...

Good luck Chica! I'm sure everything will be fabulous! I will pray for you !