Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things M learned while I was away.

  • to gallop (yes like a horse!! That's my girl!)
  • to say puppy (which is bubby)
  • that baths are much better in Momma & Daddy's jacuzzi tub WITH the jets going (spoiled much?!)
  • to go down the slide ALL BY HERSELF
  • to do the riverdance (this is hilarious!! and is generally performed on our ottoman which gives me heart palpatations because our huge solid wood coffee table is next to it but Lance assures me she's never fallen off:/ )
  • to tell/show us (most of the time) that she needs a new diaper
  • to hand you toilet paper when you are going potty (beware guests!)
Today she discovered SNOW and loves it!! Pictures to come:)

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