Wednesday, January 6, 2010

7 months old!!

Wow. Miss Thang is 7 months old today. I just can't quite grasp that. I also can't grasp how she's able to scale 2 stairs before being distracted by a box, chase the cats all over, have a 2nd tooth almost completely through, pull up on everything, squishing up her nose at everyone and everything, try to stand without leaning on anything...the list goes on and on. She is full of attitude and does not like it when I tell her no. She's SO like her father;) tee hee OK, so maybe she's the exact clone of me except with blue eyes. God help us all!

Here is Miss M helping Daddy put the new bed together. Which by the way is FABULOUS!

Yesterday I received my Christmas present from my brother.
Zebra sequin Converse shoes! Love them:)



Happy 7th Month Birthday !! You are a total rockstar!

Morgan said...

7 months old? She is growing soo fast! I can't believe my little baby will be !!ONE!! tomorrow! :(

I'm totally jealous of your shoes..too cute! i love anything with animal print! :)