Friday, September 18, 2009

We made it!

It actually wasn't too bad dropping her off at daycare. It helps that I was leaving her with one of my very good friends who I trust with my life...or my daughter. Jaye is watching 1 other baby...he's 1.5 years old and M was absolutely enthralled with him. She's never seen another baby. It was very cute the way she watched him. I guess Miss Thing was kinda crabby/whiny which doesn't surprise me as she's a momma's girl. She wouldn't sleep hardly at all...I'm sure she was waiting for Mom to come back. Thank goodness Jaye is still willing to take her so I'm very thankful for that. I just hope that Makenna behaves herself next week. She's been very crabby the last few days. I'm thinking teeth. She's chewing on everything, drooling like crazy...does that sound right?

I'm watching the Bigg.est Lo.ser and yikes! Lots of big people but also the one lady's story (Abby) about losing her whole entire family in a car accident...her husband, 5 yo daughter and 2.5 week son. ~~sob~~ I can't even imagine. It just breaks my heart to even look at her. As I see her story in my mind. Ugh.

We have M's baptism on Sunday so we're cleaning and baking like crazy tomorrow. I'll post pics on Monday. Have a great weekend:)


Jen said...

I agree that it helps tremendously when you can leave your baby with somebody you trust completely. A good daycare situation is essential!

Morgan said...

I hope her baptism went well yesterday! Can't wait for pics of Miss Thang!

Ok so I got a little confused, is she in an actual daycare or staying at a friend's house during the day?

Anonymous said...

Jaye is wonderful!