Friday, June 6, 2008

What to eat???

OK, I had some morning sickness or actually all-day sickness for about 2.5 weeks in the beginning of this pregnancy, which wasn't too bad. It was painful while it was happening but all in all it wasn't too bad. Now that I'm well into the 2nd trimester (and almost half ways through this pregnancy!!) I'm having evening nausea. The thing is it's very hit or miss. Some evenings I feel great but others I just can't eat anything. I try to force myself to eat something but most times I just can't. Nothing looks good. I stare into the fridge, cupboards, pantry, freezer and nothing is appetizing. Blah! This nauseous feeling plus severe heartburn (which I've NEVER had before) is really wrecking havoc on my eating. I'm sure Baby H is getting plenty of nourishment between the prenatal viatmins, food that I eat before 5pm and the fat stored in my butt and thighs! Actually the poor child could probably live off the fat stored in my thighs for years!! I'm not sure what I'm so worried about;) tee hee hee Anyway... I'm hoping this evening sickness will pass soon and I can get back to cleaning, organizing, ect.
I've also been trying to sleep on my left side as it is recommended once you get this far in the pregnancy. It's kinda working. I sleep on either my left or right side but once in a while I wake up on my back. I do roll over right away again though. Is it ok to sleep on your right side too? I am just barely showing (still wearing my regular pants) so I don't think I have a lot of weight on my internal organs yet. Do I need to worry about sleeping on my back or is that when I'm much bigger?

Have a great weekend!! I'm off to see my horse tomorrow, along with buying some flowers, checking out some cribs and dragging my temporarily crippled mom around. She's got a bum knee right now so she's a hop-a-long.

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Jen said...

I sleep on either my left or right side and sometimes my back. The left side is considered the best, but I've read that there is little harm in the other positions as well. It's the stomach sleeping that becomes difficult for obvious reason!

Sorry about the evening sickness. It better get away soon, so that you can start full blown nesting!