Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why yes...I AM still alive!!

Long time no blog! I have been a VERY bad blogger as of late. I just haven't been "in the mood" and work has been extremely busy. Excuses excuses!! I just didn't put any effort into it. Now that will change! I have lots going on:) I'm riding my horse again, looking forward to the first show in April. The first signs of spring are starting to appear! I can actually see some of your landscaping as of yesterday!! That is so very exciting to me that I really need to get a life:) tee hee hee The biggest news of all is that I turn 30 March 17th! My fabulous hubby is throwing me a huge birthday bash on Saturday with tons of family and friends coming to celebrate with us:) He really is the best hubby ever! Yesterday I went to the local party place to pick up plates, cups, ect for the party and it almost killed me to pay full price for all that stuff knowing that the day after St. Patty's it will all be half price. Now for some of you, that may be a shock as I am very high maintenance but as cheap. I love spending money on certain things but if I can save a buck, I will! I'm also a planner so I should have bought all this stuff last year as we've been planning on doing a St. Patty's party for years. Oh well. You can guarantee that I will be out there "stocking up" for next year!
So, lots going on here! There's going to be some very exciting days here in the near future and I can't wait!!

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Jen said...

Good to hear from you. Big bashes for 30th birthday parties are an absolute must in my opinion! My friend is turning 30 on the 17th too. Sadly he has no big party planned but we're going out for pizza and drinks...well I guess that will be water for me.