Friday, February 8, 2008


don't I blog more? Because I have nothing interesting to gab about. That's right folks...I'm boring! I get up, go to work, go to the barn and/or run errands, go home, make supper, then do some scrapping/work out/laundry, then go to bed. Really that is my normal life. Blah!!!!!!
I really need to spice things up!

Maybe I should change professions? If I had to pick a different one right now, I would want to be a bounty hunter like Stephanie Plum. She is the main character in the Janet Evonavich books that I'm reading. Seriously NEED to read these books!!
Now why a bounty hunter you ask??
Do I think I could handle being shot at?? I think I could.
Do I think I could handle having my house broken into all the time?? That one would bother me.
Can I handle dead people? Yep
High speed car chases? Bring it on
Do I want to be Stephanie Plum just so I can have a "Ranger" and "Morelli" of my own? HECK YES!!! Ranger and Morelli are the leading men and very cool characters. I've had a few of those characters in my life at times and they always seem to stir/shake things up. Not always for the good either but they've always been great to look at:)

I think that's what I need... to stir things up a little! As I'm nearing my 30th birthday, I see my life as routine...repetative...bland... That is not what I want! I need some spice! If anyone needs a bounty hunter, I'm available for hire!!! ha ha ha!

Actually I think a little vacation will do just fine, plus I won't be shot at (hopefully) and I already have a leading hottie to bring with me. Are you up for it L*??

Have a great weekend:) I'm hoping to get snowed in.....L* got home this morning.....things are looking spicier by the minute..... ;)

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