Thursday, November 1, 2007

Velcome to Haugen's Halloween Extravaganza!

Enter if you dare.........

Mr. Scout "The Bubblebee"
Teddy "The Wizard"
Yes, I'm one of those pet parents that torture their "kids" with costumes!! I love it:)
What an awesome Halloween it was! We love to decorate for the holiday. The trick or treaters had a blast coming up to our house with the fog and motion sensor lights and screams. We make sure to put the scary and loud items higher so the little kids don't get too freaked out. We only had 2 little kids that wouldn't come up our side walk. Not too bad!
On the Mr. Scout front, he is obviously still hanging in there. He actual seems to be feeling better. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and put on more meds and prescription moist food. He seems to be handling it pretty well. He gets his last pills this evening so we'll see how he does without the antibiotics. So far so good!
We are finally getting settled back in from our trip out to the AQHA Congress (horse show). We had a blast out there. My horse and I did really well. We didn't make the top 10 but now we know what we have to work on for next year. We also came home with a new truck and trailer (pics of it later!). We found a trailer we absolutely loved and the dealer gave us a great dealer on our trailer. The new trailer is much too big for our old truck so we traded that in too and got a bigger one. They are both awesome and haul beautifully too. Love them!! Lance says they are my 30th birthday present. Fine by me!!!! By the way, I'm not 30 until next March.
Happy November!


jennifercarol said...

Great decorations and dog costumes. I especially love the bumblebee!

Mary Weck said...

So glad to see Scout and to hear he is doing better!!! I had feared for the worst, but see he is actually enjoying dressing up. I can see his smile.

EquineSpirit said...

Wow! LOVE the decorations!! :D

Kimberly said...

So love the decorations! Cannot wait to see what you all do for Christmas.