Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3rd edition of Whiskers Wednesday!!

I'm off to a 4 day horse show this afternoon plus planning/organizing/scrambling to get lots of things done for our work conference we put on every year. So this will be a photo-packed Whiskers Wednesday sans a story. Not that I don't have plenty but I'm lacking time. Next week will be the same as I won't be near a computer at all on Wed and Thursday. Maybe I'll do WW on Tuesday....We'll see! Enjoy:^)

Uggs "helping" me take pictures! He is my constant shadow, alarm clock, scrapper, dish washer...the list could go on and on! He's always got his paws ready to help!

I absolutely love this picture of Teddy! It is so characteristic of him. "Whatcha doin' now?" Love it!! Mr. Scout is in the background guarding his bone. Teddy's not going to get that one:)
"The Fat One"....just chillin'
Uggs being very wild! I love how his arms are bow-legged!


Just Say Julie said...

great pics!!

EquineSpirit said... your fuzzy babies! So cute!!

Mary Weck said...

Thanks for the picture of Scout! Still guarding his bones, huh? He has a little sister now, we couldn't live without a dog. Mia is an 11-month-old Shiba Inu, 18 lbs so she just fits in the car when we have it all loaded. Tell Scout we are getting married this week and will be moving somewhere in the NE US in 2 weeks for my next assignment. We miss him but know he is enjoying life with you.

Mary Weck

Kimberly said...

Great photos!